Cheap Airlines

Low Cost Airlines

Low cost airlines, also known as "no frills" airlines, are very popular nowadays. Statistics show that there was a steady increase in the number of flights covered by low cost airlines over the years. This accounts to as much as 16% of all flights being flown worldwide. 20 plus % of all flight seating are also flown by these low cost airlines. Europe counts for the most number of low cost airlines.

Providing the simplest amenities on board, low cost airlines take advantage of lowering their operating cost to be able to provide such cheap air fares. For those who need additional services such as ticket reservations and baggage handling, they charge additional payments. Low cost airlines also take a different time slot for taking off and landing, because of lower landing cost. Many of these airlines offer only one economy class, in contrast to other commercial airlines offering a mixture of economy and business classes in its airplanes.

Flying via low cost airlines can be both favorable and not, depending on ones' preference. It is most attractive to people who seek low budget and one-way flights. It is also a good option if you're traveling towards short flight destinations, and not fancied by other onboard entertainments that are present in other commercial airlines. There is also a lower instance of flight delays in low cost airlines because of a smaller, easy to fill out seating capacity, and a different flight route that will not conflict with the bigger commercial lines.

The downside, on the other hand, is that low cost airlines can at times pose inconveniences for travelers. Because of the initial impression of being cheaper than traditional airliners, people would not immediately notice that for every other service that they would need, there is a corresponding charge. Because low cost airlines are not located in the main city airports (they take-off and land on secondary airports), there's the added cost of having to travel to the take-off area (although some low cost airlines offer shuttle services for picking up passengers, they still charge for these services). Seating arrangement is also on a first-come first-serve basis. This means that if you want to reserve a better seating accommodation for you and / or your companions, another payment comes along with it. Some low cost airlines don't offer the comfort and cleanliness that is very evident in traditional flight carriers.

Overall, the choice between low cost flights and traditional commercial flights really depends on your personal need and preference. Low cost flights are a good deal for short-trips with the most basic amenities that go with the trip. If you are on a low budget, and need to take a plane travel, then low cost flights are best for you. If you consider convenience and comfort as of primary importance, don't like the idea of having to rush to the plane to get a good seat, and that budget is not an issue, then you should rather choose commercial flights.